Discover the healing power of sleep!

Therapist combines a rigid spring system with body heat & weight sensitive Visco material. By providing adequate support to each part of the body, it successfully balances blood circulation and prevents numbness. This reduces tossing & turning in bed, which prolongs the deep sleep stage. You now have a suitable setting for your body to self-heal while sleeping. Supportive peripheral sponge filling is an added bonus for increased firmness on the edges…

  • 33 cm thickness
  • Cool & Dry Fabric - Breathable special fabric that prevents sweating and maintains a cool and dry sleeping environment.


Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocket Spring System that supports the body from 5 different points.
A system of springs inside independent pockets that promise lasting comfort.
Couples of different weight, height and sleep positions can now sleep without disturbing each other.

High-density hyper filling inside double layered padding for extra suppleness and relaxing massage feeling.
Reduces tossing & turning during sleep and helps alleviate joint pain.

Space-technology Visco material takes the shape of the body according to weight and temperature for ideal support in the lateral position.
Promotes balanced blood flow and reduced circulatory problems.

Special dimensions to fit your room or furniture.

Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.