Makes you feel special...

Don't be surprised if this turns into a habit! The distinguished Savoy mattress features lace-like, hand-embroidered fabric. Single sided padding that covers the superior spring support system has been designed with custom techniques to take comfort standards a step further.

  • 13 inches height
  • Tencel Fibre Fabric - Hand-woven Tencel fibre fabric to increase comfort and improve mattress breathability.


Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocket Spring System that supports the body from 5 different points.
A system of springs inside independent pockets that promise lasting comfort.
Couples of different weight, height and sleep positions can now sleep without disturbing each other.

Natural cotton fibres that balance humidity and adjust body temperature.
Reduced sweating to sleep better and wake up rested.

High tech sponge layers cradles the body without resisting the weight
Reduces tossing & turning in bed for an uninterrupted sleep.

Custom hypoallergenic jersey filling for maximised air circulation.