Stretch out and savour!

Designed to provide excellent body support whether sleeping or lounging, Millwood has the standards of comfort expected from a long lasting, smart spring coil mattress. Savour a comfortable sleep with bamboo fibre filling.

  • 7 Zone Pocket Spring
  • Washable cover - Special cover can be washed at 30C.
  • BAMBOO fabric & filling
  • 33 cm thickness


Innovative one Pocket Spring System to counteract the effect of various pressure points depending on body weight and curves
Easily find the most suitable sleeping position while receiving effective spinal support.
Special spring system helps balance blood pressure, reduce tossing & turning and alleviate muscle pain.

Natural bamboo fabric for increased air circulation.
500 gr of bamboo fibre per m2 to prevent humidity build-up.
Natural fibres increase air circulation to prevent night sweats.

Double sided for a cosy winter and cool summer sleep...
Flip over the wool side for winter and cotton side for summer.

Custom dimensions to fit your room or furniture.
Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.