Sleep has never been so good!

The bamboo fibres in Marbella maintain an ideal temperature while natural latex provides all the support necessary for the body to rest as it seamlessly adapts to your contours. Marbella has a polyurethane mesh in the centre of the mattress to support the middle part of the body, where weight is concentrated. Preferred by those who like firm mattresses, Marbella is double sided to give the best sleep in all seasons.

  • Washable cover - Can be washed at 30C.
  • 18 cm NEFILAC Net-IN LATEX
  • BAMBOO fiber filling
  • 24 cm thickness


Unique technology inside latex layer for increased springiness and improved body adaptation.
Prevents body sinking into mattress but equally delivers necessary support.

Anti-bacterial hypoallergenic fabric that balances body temperature and absorbs humidity.

500 gr of bamboo fibre per m2 to prevent humidity build-up.
Natural fibres increase air circulation to prevent night sweats.

Custom dimensions to fit your room or furniture.
Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.