Comfort fit for a king !

Crown has been designed to provide orthopaedic spinal support that is needed during sleep. This mattress delivers a massaging effect on points of contact. Feel the difference of sleeping soundly and waking up rested for improved overall wellbeing.

  • Two side pillow top
  • 70% cotton fabric
  • Soft touch foam
  • 3 zone Multispring System


  • High-density hyper filling inside double layered padding for extra suppleness and relaxing massage feeling.
  • Reduces tossing & turning during sleep and helps alleviate joint pain.
  • Increased springiness for easier position changes without the strain.
  • A resilient and durable system developed for extended use with no sagging.
  • Additional springs for equal weight distribution and pressure relief.
  • Anti-bacterial hypoallergenic fabric.
  • Custom dimensions to fit your room or furniture.
  • Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.