Exponential sleep satisfaction...

No need to wait any longer for a comfortable sleep experience! Get acquainted with superior springiness rooted in a rigid spring system and double sided padding.

  • 12 inches height
  • Linen Jersey Fabric - Linen jersey filling for maximised air circulation.


Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocket Spring System that supports the body from 5 different points.
A system of springs inside independent pockets that promise lasting comfort.
Couples of different weight, height and sleep positions can now sleep without disturbing each other.

High-density hyper filling inside double layered padding for extra suppleness and relaxing massage feeling.
Reduces tossing & turning during sleep and helps alleviate joint pain.

Double sided for a cosy winter and cool summer sleep...
Flip over the wool side for winter and cotton side for summer.

Custom hypoallergenic jersey filling for maximised air circulation.