For a better and restful sleep...

Providing necessary support for the whole body. Century mattress helps to balance blood flow and decrease toss and turn. A hybrid mattress consits of Latex, silicon blend fibre, Hyper Soft sponge, white felt and interlining with quilted jersey fabric to maintain a balanced body temperature. Layers of varied thickness allow the body to rest ideally. Square patterned fabric is hypoallergenic as well as the mattress itself.

  • 14.5 inches height
  • Hypoallergenic Fabric - Hypoallergenic woven fabric made from natural fibres.


Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocket Spring System that supports the body from 5 different points.
A system of springs inside independent pockets that promise lasting comfort.
Couples of different weight, height and sleep positions can now sleep without disturbing each other.

Natural material made from rubber tree to promote air circulation, regulate temperature and ultimately provide a healthy sleeping environment.