Amethyst mattress will shine in your bedroom like a precious gemstone. This latex filled bed that also features foal hair and Hyper Soft sponge seamlessly takes the shape of the body. A supple composition creates a very durable bed.

  • 13 inches height
  • Woven fabric - Hypoallergenic woven fabric made of natural fibres


Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocket Spring System that supports the body from 5 different points.
A system of springs inside independent pockets that promise lasting comfort.
Couples of different weight, height and sleep positions can now sleep without disturbing each other.

Natural material made from rubber tree to promote air circulation, regulate temperature and ultimately provide a healthy sleeping environment.

Foal hair filling for improved air circulation and temperature regulation.
Sponge layers quickly absorb humidity and transfer vapour into the foal hair layer.
Foal hair immediately vapourises dampness to create an ideal sleep environment due to its organic structure.

Custom hypoallergenic jersey filling for maximised air circulation.