Cherish your body and its needs!

Prepare to relax the moment you lay down on this mattress. Splash uses space technology to deliver a mattress that detects and takes the shape of the body’s natural curves. 

Visco material reduces unconscious movements during the night by taking the shape of the body depending on temperature and weight. The support sponges that surround the bed prevent sagging. Cherish a comfortable and high quality sleep with Splash Visco mattress that creates a healthy sleeping environment thanks to the special quilted composition that promotes micro-level air circulation.




• 33+50 mm VISCO layer on top side 

• One side use mattress 

• Knitted fabric 

• 26 cm thickness


Ideal Furniture

Ideal Furniture

Ideal Furniture


•Space-technology Visco material takes the shape of the body according to weight and temperature for ideal support in the lateral position. 

•Promotes balanced blood flow and reduced circulatory problems.-


 •Anti-bacterial hypoallergenic fabric.

 Other Benefits 

•Custom dimensions to fit your room or furniture. 

•Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.


Ideal Furniture