Sleep Star 

Sleep in 5 Star comfort sleep! 

Sleep Star spring coil mattress is designed for an uninterrupted sleep experience. This is probably your solution for good quality sleep and a thoroughly refreshed start to the following day. The hyper filling material helps the body maintain the ideal anatomic position throughout the night.




• Shoulder comfort 

• Multispring System

•183 pcs/m2 coils 



Multi Spring System 

•A resilient and durable system developed for extended use with no sagging. 

 •Additional springs for equal weight distribution and pressure relief. 


 •Anti-bacterial hypoallergenic fabric.


Ideal Furniture

Ideal Furniture

Ideal Furniture

Dual Season 

 • Double sided for a cosy winter and cool summer sleep... 

 • Flip over the wool side for winter and cotton side for summer. 

Other Benefits 

 • Custom dimensions to fit your room or furniture. 

 • Standard 2-year warranty plus an additional 3-year warranty on products registered via CRM.



Ideal Furniture